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05 September, 2010

Sunday show economic experts agree: more stimulus needed

We have to spend out of this depression. Reducing taxes for the wealthy does nothing to influence demand which is the only way out. The national debt is huge (thanks to the GOP in my opinion) but the priority has got to be to get jobs and demand up again. The 2009 stimulus was too little and most economists said that then.

And then there is Glen Beck.
"We have been setting up re-education camps. We call them universities"

Glen Beck is a Nazi and/or a moron. The Nazi Brown Shirts of the 30's said the same kind of things about intelligencia.  He is dangerous.  The fact that people actually listen to him is just like the Germans following Hitler.  I am serious.   That is what it looks like to me.  He is a mediocre radio jock who managed to hit a cord with a bunch of people.  The fact that no one is willing to call him a Nazi is beginning to bug me.  Well here it is.  Glen Beck is a Nazi.


  1. I think Glenn Beck is good at one thing – and that is he knows what to say to all the insecure, scared, ignorant and bigoted people who listen to him. He understands that he is in “show business” and loves money (he reportedly made $32 million this year already.) He found the right tactics to get these people to be more resentful than ever. He feeds their hate – he knows their language. I don’t think he is a “nazi” really, I just think he is an American entrepreneur of the worst kind – greedy, vicious and self aggrandizing. Without an audience he would be nothing. This is what makes me sad about the future of America – that he has an audience.

  2. I guess you are technically right, he isn't a Nazi. It seems to me that he is using the same tactics of Hitler appealing and augmenting the fears of the ignorant who listen. It is what the nation gets when it has such a poor education system, he gets enough attention with a big enough mass of people to not be called fringe or crazy.