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31 July, 2011

More Chevron

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Subject: Chevron and Texaco Credit Card Billing Inquiries
Sent: July 31, 2011 03:12 PM EDT

You Wrote:

Hey, thanks for the nice note in my bill saying my minimum payment has increased because of my past late payments. I didn't bother going through the calculations to see if my current minimum payment was right. Strangely it fails to mention late fees that were refunded due to your inability to get GE money to correct their billing emails which caused the problems to begin with. I've always paid my bill in full whenever I could discern I had a bill. 

I wish I could avoid in the future any more use of Chevron products and this credit card. But you are the only aviation fuel supplier at my airport so we are stuck with each other.

25 July, 2011

Pretty funny.

Jenai stops me on my way into the building and apologizes for falling asleep in a big design review meeting last week. 

1.       I didn’t notice

2.       I fall asleep in meetings all the time

3.      ;  I’ve had about 4 hours of sleep, the likelihood is high I will again today




10 July, 2011

Teach the controversy!

It cracks me up every time I hear "students should make their own decisions" about evolution vs ID vs creationism taught in schools. Especially when in the same breadth only abstinence sex education is acceptable in many places. No condoms or birth control. No choice on abortion. No questioning the bible...

09 July, 2011

NTSB: Four dead in Watsonville plane crash including two children - Santa Cruz Sentinel

NTSB: Four dead in Watsonville plane crash including two children - Santa Cruz Sentinel

WATSONVILLE — Four members of a Santa Cruz family headed to a weekend getaway with relatives near Yosemite National Park were killed when their four-seater plane plummeted into the grounds of Watsonville Community Hospital, authorities said Friday.
David Houghton, 44, wife Dede, 44, and sons Luke, 12, and Ryan, 10, all perished in Thursday's crash, which witnesses say occurred after the plane turned sharply offline after taking off from Watsonville Municipal Airport.

It is hard when people who contributed good to the community are lost suddenly, especially when there was so much more lost with with them and their sons. All it takes is a mistake or two and the laws of nature will deal swift consequences if any are broken. We know and try to understand those laws, we don't always succeed in satisfying them all in our endeavors. Endeavors are what makes life worth living.