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12 September, 2010

Just a pain in the butt...

I tried to fly today.  I thought I had the plane all tuned up and ready to fly Young Eagles.  But I hadn't test flown yet.  So I go run it up for a quick test flight and cylinders 4 & 6 are not firing on the left mag.   Shit.  Back to the tiedown, put it away, watch a few of the other guys flying kids.  Go home pissed.

Before I left, I talked to John Davi.  He took me aside and showed me the home he is buying in Walnut Creek.  He just had some stints put in his heart and has quit flying since his collision with a parked Porsche.  It is a nice condo and will be comfortable for him since he is over 80 and is close to his very sick, probably dying, daughter.  I told him, despite the crap his other friends are giving him for leaving, I thought he was doing the right thing.  He told me that you can be an ex-president, an ex-vice president,  or ex-husband.  You can't be an ex-father.  Nope, that is one thing you can't be.

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  1. Thanks for that Tom....A wake-up call indeed.