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To the question, “Why me?” the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply, “Why not?”
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25 March, 2007

Mojan's Birthday!

Sean and Mojan. Mojan didn't last much longer past this. Ali is in the background right.
We had a great time!
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13 March, 2007

Dude! Good looking plane!

I spent Sunday cleaning and waxing the plane. It slicks up pretty good for a 55 year old airplane! Pretty hot looking in this picture. :-)

New left fuel tank installed last week. The old one was made in 1951. I guess we got our money's worth out of that one. The right side should be just as old, and it doesn't leak at all. Yet. Got to save up for that one. $1200 for the tank and I don't have the labor bill yet.
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10 March, 2007

Expensive Hamburger

My gal and I flying home from Columbia. Very expensive hamburger. But is was fun. Stopped in Tracy first just to see the place where I'll be towing at the end of the month. Pretty sleepy place, I hope they can handle our level of activity.

At Columbia we walked into town, got a burger and spent a little time in the historic area.

Liz flew the plane much of the way home, a very nice autopilot, good job with altitude hold. GPS tracking needs some work.

New fuel tank didn't leak a drop... much happiness... can accurately figure out fuel usage without guessing on how much just leaked. :-)

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