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To the question, “Why me?” the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply, “Why not?”
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18 November, 2010

17 November, 2010

Darwin quotes...

"Nor could we check our sympathy, if so urged by hard reason, without deterioration in the noblest part of our nature."

"if we were intentionally to neglect the weak and helpless, it could only be for a contingent benefit, with a certain and great present evil."

I am watching BBC's series "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" on YouTube and in the episode on equality, Andrew Marr paraphrased the above quotes from Darwin's book "Decent of Man".

Something to use against creationists when they claim "Darwinism" is immoral.

13 November, 2010

Evolution discussion

I survived 5 minutes of "Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution #1" and Dr Martin exposed his total lack of understanding of evolution. He may be a dentist, but he has no credentials to teach evolution. All of his arguments were, "that couldn't happen all at once." Well, that isn't evolution, is it? As you could guess, I think you wasted your time with those shows. If you are interested in what evolution actually is, the link here is a start. The simple beauty of evolution has god beat hands down. In my opinion.

Sorry you didn't watch the rest or maybe you did. You see Dr Martin was taught in our schools the same thing you were. Darwin himself stated that maybe his whole idea was a fantasy. Too bad for him he didn't acknowledge "Intelligent Design", but I can thank him that his work sparked deeper investigation that blows evolution out of the water. Just would hope and pray that I would see you in Heaven when that time comes because I love you. God bless.
[I didn't send this last reply, it wouldn't be useful, maybe if he comes back with questions]

I've heard his arguments quite often. I have to keep my mind open but when you hear the same junk over and over again, it gets painful. Just because he was in the classes doesn't mean he truly understood it. He said he taught it but that really doesn't mean anything. The first sentences out of his mouth were common misconceptions about evolution.  I skipped through the video and every mystery was here is this weird thing, how could that happen by itself?  No attempt to use evolution to try to explain.  Darwin, as all scientists I've read, as is the scientific method, has to doubt his own theories. His doubt was 150 years ago! The testing and confirmations had hardly started by the time he died. In those 150 years evolution has been tested and confirmed many ways via many different science disciplines regardless of what this video states. None of the "mysteries" of this video are actually mysterious. More than 99% of life science scientists accept evolution as fact. Fact, not the common use of theory. Many of the drugs and treatments we have today would not exist without the understanding of evolution.  I see this country falling behind in science and math.  We have fallen behind the rest of the world in many ways, headed to becoming a 2nd rate county.  We are doomed to mediocrity if more people follow this guy and people like him back to the middle ages.

09 November, 2010

RE: PRS Charging

As I sit here with an ice pack on my wrist, steroids rubbed into the tendons, cortisone barely touching the pain, I am being told to charge OVTU as much as possible for typing up 14 PADRs? I hate this fucking job.

Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2010 7:49 AM
Subject: PRS Charging
MOO&LSS/O&S Managers,
I have received a few questions this week on this topic…

The PRS charging information for MOO&LSS is:

For your convenience I also attached some guidelines that Justin put together that may be helpful to your team(s) if they don’t already have them. As mentioned by Ed in his Staff a few weeks ago, please keep charging to a minimum this year and use OVTU when possible.

Thank you,

PRS are employee performance appraisals.  OVTU is unpaid overtime, yet again they failed to budget any time for us to actually write the things and we can't charge the customer for them.

04 November, 2010

Pissed off

Pissed off.  Why?  Democrats lost the House.  Democrats lost seats in the Senate.  Obama tried to work with the Republicans and got nowhere, and kept trying when it was obvious he was being strung along.  What are the Dems going to do with this drubbing?  Turtle up.  Work together and come out with and stick with a consistent message they the defend strongly?  No.  Turtle up.  They have to the end of this year to show me wrong here.

The people of this country and this state piss me off.  We passed amendments to make fees require 2/3 vote in the legislature.  Now local counties and cities are really going to deteriorate.  This may be worse than Prop-13.  The proposition to place an $18 State Park fee on vehicle registration in return for free access failed.  This made total sense!  Are you asleep?  Oh, it was a back door tax!  Ooohhh!  More taxes!  "Hidden Taxes!"  What better way to keep our state parks in great shape, making California a great place to visit, bringing in millions if not billions in economic stimulus, benefiting even those who never set foot in a state park.  But no.  Our infrastructure is going to fall apart because of Prop 26 and on top of that so will our state parks.   This place is going to look real nasty with parks no one wants to visit, crap roads, no services.  Business won't stick around if it becomes impossible to do business and employees don't want to live here. 

The Republicans are going to try to change the health care reform act.  I think they are going to find that harder to do than simply "repealing Obamacare."  I'm pissed off.  The fools who voted these morons into office are going to hear from me.  This directly hits my wallet and my family and repeal isn't going to happen quietly.

Obama, what you do with the remains of this congress determines if I support you in 2012.  Don't fuck it up.

02 November, 2010

No recent posts.

For some reason this cracks me up.  I didn't make it up.  Maybe I shouldn't laugh, there are 3.5 million people who like it.  And poor Katie is too young to like it.  

01 November, 2010

I am so tired.

3rd week of grave shift and worked the last 2.5 weekends.  I can't see straight at this computer at work, I am practically worthless.  But they have to have "management presence" through these orbit raising burns.  I've got work to do but can't keep my eyes open enough to do it.  Unless something happens to get my adrenaline up.  So far, nothing tonight.