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21 September, 2010

Hurray for Obamacare!

On January 1st my daughter will again have health insurance through my job, thanks to Health Care Reform or "Obamacare".  There being no god to trust in helping to protect my daughter, I am grateful for the new legislation coming into effect.  Neither of us can afford to buy insurance separately until she finds a job that provides benefits.  How anyone can think this is "expansion of government" is beyond me.  Same with prohibiting the loss of insurance simply because you get sick.  Or having lifetime caps.  This society should never have allowed health insurance for profit.  There is no way that such corporations can make people come first.  I am totally against repealing "Obamacare."


  1. I hear you but I am afraid if the Republicans get their way they will repeal it quickly. The Tea Party has been told that it is socialism, so they will vote against it, even if it hurts them. Too many people listen to ideologies and are too lazy to find out the facts for themselves.

  2. They will certainly try. I think once they get into the details, they will find it harder than they think. Or they may not try, they may just use the issue to get back into office.