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25 March, 2016

This is your objection to Hillary Clinton?

To my friends who object to Hillary Clinton as president.
So, my understanding is this.

Your objection to Clinton is that in the throes of a crisis some emails were written and sent that turned out to be classified in post crisis review.
You want a strong decisive leader but one that is incapable of making a mistake in an area where they are not an expert.

And some of you think Donald Trump is the answer?


Actually, she is the expert. As Secretary of State, she defined what is classified under the Department of State. If she sends an unclassified email, regardless of the server, it is by definition unclassified from a State Department point of view. If the DoD or CIA comes along later and says "oh, we'd like to keep that info protected"... fine. But that doesn't make the initial email classified. Nor was there a security violation.

Yeah, that's how it works.