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21 November, 2004

Fuck the South

This is pretty angry... sorry for the language. But it is expressive for the moment. I am angry at Bush winning. Condi Rice as Sec of State? Hell no! Got to stop that! I sent a letter to my Senators and posted a message at
Sorry Everybody
saying sorry but don't give up. I hope the message takes off. I think Rice's nomination can stopped and that would be a victory. Who knows who would be nominated next, but that wouldn't matter, as long and Rice is blocked and a message is sent that even if Bush won the election, 49% don't want Rice representing us to the world. Toadie. Maureen Dowd called her one of his Toadies. I like that. I respect her for her obvious abilities but a Bush yes-man as Sec of State is a very bad idea.

"Condi Rice and Stephen Hadley did not do their jobs before 9/11 in coordinating the fight against Al Qaeda, and they did not do their jobs after 9/11 in preventing the debacle in Iraq. They not only suppressed evidence Americans needed to know that would have debunked the neocons' hyped-up case for invading Iraq; they helped shovel hooey into the president's speeches."
From Maureen Dowd's article "A Plague of Toadies" Published November 18, 2004 in NY Times.