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04 May, 2014

Brain Status

Update: The brain doctor said I am good to go. He is taking me off the anti-seizure drug (slowly, last dose on Tuesday) and as far as he is concerned I can resume driving. The EEG and MRI were clear of any reason for the seizure to happen again. He says it happens, a perfectly normal person can have one out of the blue, possibly triggered by dehydration, lack of sleep, stress, drugs or just some neuron dying at the wrong moment. One in 30 of us will develop epilepsy of some form in our lifetimes (this isn't considered epilepsy since I've only had one seizure with no known cause or evidence) and 60 out of 100,000 people will do this once and never again. So brain-wise I seem to be ok. My shoulder is still broken. For more info:

Apparently the FAA wants to see me be seizure free for four years, the last two years without any anti-seizure medication. And then they'll listen to the brain doctor. I have some options in the mean time as long as the DMV allows me to drive. Safety pilot/instructor can fly with me in my plane. I can fly Light Sport category aircraft (there was one I could rent but I think it is gone now). I can fly ultra-light aircraft (para-gliders, hang-gliders, powered hang-gliders, etc...). There is also some legislation in congress to relax medical requirements for my class of aircraft to be the same as Light Sport. I have not heard from the DMV yet. I called them last week and they had no restrictions on me noted. That could change and there is a form the brain doctor can send in to reinstate me, he said he would if it happens.

UPDATE:  Uh, no I can't fly Light Sport or if they relax 3rd class requirements.  Oh well.  4 years before I can fly 44D solo again.  That sucks.  Ultralight is ok I think.  DMV finally caught up with me but they bought what my neurologist said and they are happy.  Forms all filed away.