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31 August, 2010

The Ground Zero Mosque

I've finally formed an opinion on the "Ground Zero Mosque."  At first I was insulted and disgusted.  Then I thought that was hypocritical and was thinking I would have to support their right to build where they wanted, constitutionally there were no grounds to prevent it.  But then I realized it isn't the government trying to stop it, it is the Fearful Right who oppose it.  And making a bunch of noise in the process, causing a lot of division and strife.  Using it for political gain it appears.   Building the "we aren't soft on Islam" credibility for future elections.  So basically I think what I have to do is ignore it.  Ignore the Ranting Right and their "fears" about Islam.  Ignore the blithering of liberals about how the center is a place of peace or whatever.  I doubt that.  Contributing to the noise about it only contributes recruits to radical Islam, gives them ammunition for their cause.  It also gives the Fearful Right power and followers.  Ignoring both gives liberals nothing to say in return, nothing for the Ranting Right to howl about, and nothing for the radicals to recruit with.  Al-Qaeda doesn't want it built, it wants it to continue to tear at our society.  Our best response is to ignore it.  Quiet ridicule of the money wasted on it and those who go inside it is the most it deserves.


  1. I understand your point on the mosque at Ground Zero but I cannot accept the Islamic phobia in this country where everyone is supposed to be free. There have been Muslims here for centuries – many black slaves were Muslims (when allowed to worship) and there is still a large Black Muslim population in this country; they have nothing to do with the middle-east. I am in a suburb of Nashville right now helping our daughter to move in and just read that in nearly Murfreesboro members of a 30-year old mosque planning to build extra locals have been terrorized. It is about time that the Christians in this country realize that there are fellow Americans of other religions who have as much right to their religion as they have. I am not one for building religious places as I think there are too many here already, but most of them are of the Christian cults. To paraphrase what is said in France – I may not agree with their religion but I’ll defend to death their right to it.

  2. Surprise... I basically agree with you! :-) The hate and fear of Islam is as irrational as any of the religions involved. I've read that the fear comes from the perceived loss of control that right leaning people experience. They don't like that and lash out. Islam has, through a some extremist manipulation, become the target of that. For the specific case of the NYC mosque, the rhetoric needs to die out. Not for the general case, especially in countering the claim this is a Christian nation.