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15 October, 2014

Facebook ranting again

  • Tom Hail Fuck this. And the fucking arrogance of ignorance in the comments. Holy cow the stupid burns in there!
  • Lindsay O'Barr Tom--Someone has attained access to your Facebook account. The Tom Hail I have known for 30 years would never resort to a bumper sticker icon in order to display displeasure over an amusing photo. Also, he is far too eloquent to resort to profanity to express his dissatisfaction with the ridicule of the person who apparently is single-handedly destroying this country. Of course, all other presidents have had their umbrellas held for them at times. (It would be burning stupid to think otherwise. ) The difference is they have not held the American people and all we value in contempt. This contempt for the American people and our blessed Constitution inspires a contemptuous response. Again, Tom, find out who this person is and get him (or her) off of your account before he (or she) destroys the reputation you have as a thoughtful, intelligent person. And please, no more profanity--it merely drags the perpetrator down. Please note--this is written with love and concern.
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My reply:

Ok.  I am offended by the stupid picture and am not amused at all.  I do not have a right to not be offended therefore cannot complain about the picture being posted.  Likewise you do not have a right to not be offended by my use of descriptive language of my offense.  However, it is your post and FB gives you the ability (as is your right) to delete my comment.  President Obama (who was elected and re-elected by large and larger margins) is the choice of the people of this country.  That is a value you don't seem to understand or value.  I truly do not see the "contempt" for the American people or Constitution you see.  No attempt has been made to take your 2nd amendment rights, millions more Americans have health care through a GOP designed plan, my (and probably your) property values are raising again, the rich are getting richer by the minute, regulation is the only tool the President has to control business since Congress (namely the GOP) won't do anything that might hurt short term profits.  Where is this contempt?  ACA?  I don't particularly like it myself, it should have been Medicare for everyone and the health insurance industry should die like buggy whip manufacturers.  The coal industry needs to die likewise.  Fracking needs to end as soon as possible.  The fantasy that tax breaks create jobs needs to end.  Energy conservation must become a priority and carbon emissions reduced regardless of what India and China do.  Infrastructure rebuilding needs to begin, bringing with it millions of jobs.  Research and development money needs to be 10x what it is today.   College tuition loans should be interest free, paid for by closing the loopholes business has.  Immigration reform has to happen, the 12 million allowed an immediate path to legal residence and eventually citizenship.  Why? Because the GOP wanted them here before that black atheist muslim anti-christ guy occupied the WH.  What is this contempt you talk about?  He is the elected President of the United States.  He deserves respect and I give it to him.  This is Tom Hail and I approve of this message.