You couldn't be here if stars hadn't exploded.
To the question, “Why me?” the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply, “Why not?”
Atheist: Natural Morals, Real Meaning, Credible Truth

21 July, 2017


It appeared the light at the construction site between 236 and 35 was stuck this morning.  I came up on it and there were five or six cars there in front of me, I had let most if not all of them by me at the 9/236 intersection. Ok, it should change soon. We waited. Cars behind me beyond the curve.  We waited.  A car came through from the other direction.  We waited. Another truck came through.  This is wrong. The road workers were out of sight. I thought I could pull off to the right and find one to kick the lights. But someone honked behind me. Shit. I’ll just go and flag off any oncoming cars until this gathering passed through.  I pulled left, no one coming (I could see, I was in my Jeep and tall enough) and I passed the six in front of me. 
As soon as I passed the second car in line the light turned green!
Woo hoo!  I’m in front of an angry crowd on Hwy9 in my slow and poorly handling Jeep!
I suspect I kicked the motion sensor at our end into wakefulness.
Lesson: If it seem you aren’t getting through… maybe move forward a little to wake up the sensor.  The people up front seemed content to wait forever.

30 January, 2017

Immigration Ban

Fought with conservatives about Trump’s Holocaust Remembrance Day immigration ban.  Why is it that conservatives don’t get that ethnic, religious, sexual discrimination is unconstitutional? What is so incomprehensible about it?

How is it a good idea to ban immigration from these countries at all anyway?  What threat does refugees from here pose? No terrorist attack in this country has been committed by a refugee from these countries. Instead our troops are at higher risk because we are reneging on hope and promises for those in the region that they can escape in return for the help they gave us.  People are getting screwed, it could be people die.  So the question is, how many more terrorists did Trump create with this ban?  Nothing new here.  Our name is further trashed internationally.  Russia laughs at us.  Who knows what China is thinking?

What a fuck up Trump is.

One web site I read thinks this is all testing of the waters for a coup d'├ętat in US government, where would resistance come from, give an idea who would support such a thing.  I think that’s farfetched but the testing goes on.  Is the administration going to back down in the face of court orders?  Trump fucking better. What is disturbing is that the Department of Homeland Security seems to be following unconstitutional orders without question.

26 January, 2017

Fascism Short Description

Fascism doesn't play by the rules. It subverts them to gain power and then eliminates them completely. There's no freedom of speech under fascism, there's no democratic process, no freedom of press, no politely disagreeing about political views...
Fascism abuses our cherished and most fundamental values and turns them into fatal flaws. If you play by the rules against fascism, you die by the rules.
Fascism is also inherently violent.

Actions to take against Trump

Join (Organization who will go to court or help elect who you want.)

-          Planned Parenthood -

-          American Civil Liberties Union

-          Union of Concerned Scientists

-          Southern Poverty Law Center (good civil rights org but they pissed me off)

-          Emily’s List

-          Freedom From Religion Foundation


Subscribe (A free press supported by readers is needed to keep tabs on Trump.)

-          Washington Post -

-          The Guardian -

-          Slate -


Call (Tell your congress person what you think, what you want.)

-          Senator Feinstein and Harris -

-          House Representative -

-          (Calling is easy… State one sentence of what you want, they’ll ask you your zip code and maybe name.)

-          (“Hi, I’d like to register my opposition to Senator Sessions being confirmed as Attorney General.” They ask your name and zip. Done)


There’s more…

Follow activists on Twitter and Facebook

Comment on Facebook and Twitter, don’t be silent.

Comment on news articles. You’ll get criticized and called names but f—k them.

March. Trumpie didn’t like the bigger crowd after his big day.

There is a March for Science coming up soon.

There will be immigration marches.


25 January, 2017

Thoughts on 25 January 2017

President Tr…. erp…  gulp… <gag> … Tru… <cough> <gag> <cough>

I can’t say it. The baby handed manbaby took the oath of office last Friday and the real horror show has begun.  EPA scientists silenced. A wall has been ordered. Extreme vetting discussed. Funding for any organization that is connected or mentions abortion is banned. The killing of women has begun. The martial speech was horrifying. Somehow crime will now end. ISIS will now somehow be destroyed.

And all the news about Putin’s influence has disappeared for the moment. The DNC has no leadership. 

The fascism of this administration is hardly hidden anymore.

The whining about how bigly his inauguration crowd was compared to 2009 Obama’s. The man is a child. The lying continues, the sheep are lapping it up.

The Supreme Court pick is coming out next week. I can’t imagine what this horror is going to bring. It may be good that I watch zombie shows and movies, I’m somewhat prepared for dystopia.


The day after the inauguration Liz and I marched with 30,000 other people in San Jose. A couple of million around the world. That was good. The things to do in response to this cluster fuck are: Join ACLU, UCS, Planned Parenthood, Emily’s List.  Subscribe to good journalism because we need that more than ever now; Slate, NYTimes, Washington Post, The Guardian, NPR.


The rage at this isn’t going away. Rage at the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, Sanders supporters, Sanders, Clintons, Lynch, Comey, Assuange/Putin/Wikileaks.  All still there. I can’t believe this happened.