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08 April, 2006


Bush had to leak information to contradict what others are saying about WMD and going to war? He couldn't just release the information formally? "The White House provided the this declassified document explaining... " would have been a lot better than a bunch of "leaks". To everyone, supporters and detractors. That would be the democratic way. Not like a bunch of kids playing spy and war. Does Bush think this is a game? Obviously since he let the special prosecutor spend millions of dollars on an investigation when he knew all along he prompted it. But that is nothing in the big Iraq war game he is playing.

As much as this sounds like it, it doesn't seem we can impeach him on this. What a moron. The worst President in American history and we can't get rid of him.

07 April, 2006

Playing Hardball With Secrets - New York Times

Playing Hardball With Secrets - New York Times

Hear! Hear!

Liz says...

Liz said the other day "mark my words the reason Bush keeps the same people around is because he has too many secrets. They all have too much to hide."

Just recording this so we can look back on it after 2008 when it can all be investigated. Until then we can only gather the evidence.