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21 September, 2012


Any one out there paying attention ro what's going on in the Middle East?
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  • Angelo Giurbino horrible! just horrible.
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  • Bob Stone Everyday. But it seems the last couple of days the Biased news media,ABC,CBS,MSNBC,well you know,have not addressed the middle East but focus on covering for the Prez and his cabnet and the Ambasador to the UN. Scary ain't it???
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  • Douglas McMahan Besides the fact that they throw rocks at each other? Nope, could care less.
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  • Lori Peters-Vaughn We watch the news everyday but the real news Fox. It seems to be the only place we can get what is really happening instead of helping to sweep under the carpet as Obama wants what really happened to our American citizens who were murdered in Libya and what is still happening in the Middle East
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  • Catherine Gile Countries we send millions of dollars to are attacking our embassies chanting death to America, and burning our flag makes me hot!!! Not to mention the murdering of our ambassador or Navy Seals.
  • Lori Peters-Vaughn Exactly! And then Obama and his minions want to still chant that this is all about some video makes me illl! This was pre-planned and made for the anniversary of 9-11. How our President has the audacity to apologize to the Muslim Extremist Nation makes me sick!

  • Tom Hail Is Faux stirring up fear again? You think US intelligence is going to share with you what they know? And you want what to happen? Want to bomb someone? Who? Where? Stifle free speech? Listen to yourselves... not much removed from the Muslim rantings as far as I can see.
  • Catherine Gile Off base there Thomas, killing our ambassador is no Fauz stirring up.
  • Lori Peters-Vaughn Oh please Tom give me a break! Get your head out of the sand and wake up! This is not about free speech. This is about Americans being Slaughtered abroad and our President blaming it on some guy in CA who posted a video! Give me a break!!! You are a friend of Catherine so you can't be that stupid do you must be just a blind follower of come with me and I'll give you everything "Obama". Because he's done such a great job taking us 6 tril in debt and dissing our most loyal allies!!! Wake up!!!
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  • Tom Hail Ok. WHO are you willing to kill over it? Where are they? Precisely. Specifically. What did Obama look like he was doing as OBL was being killed? He was cracking jokes at the press club dinner. Do you think you get to see what is going on in the background? For the safety of the troop you profess to cherish, you get to see nothing. Bush's economic collapse caused most of the deficit you see now. Lost jobs caused lost tax revenue. Americans died. The killers are being hunted. Obama said so the next day. The asshole made the movie and pissed off the Muslim assholes. How could you expect less than this considering how pissed they got over a stupid cartoon.
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  • Lori Peters-Vaughn How long are you and OBAMA going to keep blaming Bush!!!! It has been FOUR years!! Bush didn't contribute 6trillion more in debt. Bush didn't get our Ambassador killed and blame it on a video Bush didn't Double the number o
    Food Stamps!!! Get Real!! I am not Dumb!! But you are acting like you are!
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  • Tom Hail When the facts change. Which they wont. The national debt went up $6T under Bush-II. Fact, look it up, the data is there. Most of that was tax cuts and war that were not paid for. Fact. At the time Obama took office the labor force had lost 4 million non-government jobs in the previous year. By your logic, that is Bush's fault. With the decline in tax revenue more jobs were lost by states and local governments. Bush's fault. After Obama's first year in office, employment has gone up steadily since 1/2010. Fact. Obama didn't get the ambassador killed, Muslim right wing nut cases got pissed off at Christian right wing nut cases and rioted. Probably egged on by those who want war and more killing. Those people are being hunted. Now food stamps are a problem! Why? Because millions of people went out of work! Why? Obama didn't put them on the street! Corporate America and the American taxpayers put them on the street. Corporate America is sitting on $Ts and not creating jobs because they see no MARKET. Why? Because of the unemployed. How to get out of it? One way, which is how we got out of the great depression is for Government to spend money so there are people to buy stuff so that corporations will hire people. Knocked down over and over by the GOP!

    Chris Pace Thomas, why hasn't your hero O brought all the troops home from Afghanistan? More soldiers have gotten killed on his watch there than during Bush's watch. The left is alway so up in arms about any wars, but they don't stop it either. The killing of the ambassador was a PLANNED ACT OF TERROR ON 9/11, and had nothing to do with some stupid video. That was just an excuse. Wimpy O just falls all over himself apologizing for the video. And in the last couple of days they have backtracked their original comments. What a bunch of dopes. Also what was the ambassador doing in another city away from his post? He knew said he knew he was a target.
    Tom Hail How do you walk away from a mess you created? Bush ignored Afghanistan for year after 2001. You just walk away and let the Taliban walk back in? Let 100's of thousands die at their hands? Women especially? Any you folks are so afraid of Sharia law and you would let it back? How could you live with yourself? I don't know if it was or wasn't planned. You read anything I said? You think Obama is going to tell you or FOX what he knows? So Stevens went to get killed? What are you talking about. It doesn't matter if it was planned, we would have stopped it if it was known in advance but it wasn't. How many embassy attacks were on Bush's watch after 9/11? About a dozen. It happens. They know it can happen they try the best they can to prevent it. Believe me, stuff is happening in that part of the world by our forces you have no clue/concept about. They are not sitting around being targets. Planned or not, it happened. Get over it. So what if the Administration thought it was just a riot at first. SO WHAT??? The people who did it are being hunted. A drone missile is probably assigned. Obama apologized for nothing.
    Chris Pace They admitted they knew something was going on and did nothing to beef up security on 9/11. And he did apologize the next day but said he couldn't do anything about it because of our free speech law. My question is why was the ambassador away from his post in this particular area? Just more secrets being kept from the American public. And Yes, the republicans are just as bad about the secrets and they should all be fired for lies and deceptions. And Shiria las is bad and that is the real war on women that should be talked about not the bull that Sandra Fluke is spewing about not getting her free birth control.
    Lori Peters-Vaughn Chris I think you really need to stop trying to apologize for Obama and just realize that he is the problem. Stop blaming Bush!! It is old and cumbersome. No longer works. Been four years. Sorry too long take the punches and admit you didn't live up to your promises and stop the blame game. You failed Obama and its time to go. Obama apologized to the Islamic nation for a video that someone put out and how dare he!!! They killed our people!!! Where do you get off defending him!

    Tom Hail Oh. And we laugh at FOX.

    Fox News struggles to contain the bulls**t fallout following Mitt Romney's 47% gaffe.

    Tom Hail Fox News - Mindless and fact free.

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