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18 September, 2012

Death for damaging a book

Tom from Cognitive Dissonance Podcast had this rant on the InKredulous podcast episode #015.  This is in reference to the little girl in Pakistan who was arrested and could have been tried for damaging a Qur'an, the penalty possibly being death.  Turns out the cleric who accused her may have actually planted the damaged book, so he is arrested and may suffer that fate.  I had to transcribe it...  the audio is better with the feeling he puts into it.
Death for damaging a book.
A book made of paper.
A stupid fucking book.  
All that matters is that there is a place of solemnity and respect in the hearts of people for religion and religiosity and religious leaders and we are all supposed to kowtow to this idea that these religious ideas are valuable and the diversity of spirituality and ya-da ya-da ya-da and meanwhile an eleven year old girl is mobbed and nearly killed because people have taken that shit far too seriously for far too long and we are in two thousand and twelve and we live in a world that condemn people to death for violence against books!  Holy books made of paper!  And because of this non-sense, this utter fucking non-sense, my heart is filled with dirty filthy atheist rage when I look on that mindset.  And I give de-facto respect and adulation for religious ideas and religious leaders a hale and hearty "fuck you".
Awesome rant.

There is some good news... the case seems to be opening up the debate in Pakistan about their blasphemy laws.

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