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08 September, 2012

I got mine, too bad if you can't get yours

Conversation with my aunt and cousins and their friends...  just saving for prosperity...  like when Rmoney and Ryan take over and they start complaining.  I try and try to understand the conservative point of view.  All I got here is the same conservative stereotype of the liberal/progressive position... they don't try to understand my position, don't seem to think about anything I say or even listen.  It is all immediate, knee-jerk, Pavlovian reaction to my words straight from the GOP spin machine.
I have a question....what makes it right for women to demand that government provide free birth control and abortions while other people who depend on medications such as Insulin must pay for theirs??? How does anyone justify this? Pay your fair share seems somewhat hypocritical.
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      • Susan Raymond Craziness.
        Yesterday at 10:52am via mobile · 

      • Catherine Gile I know someone who cannot afford the new insulin her doctor prescribed so she isn't going to be able to use it. Burns me up!!! It isn't cheap either. Both my kids are insulin dependent. Thankfully they have insurance to help out.

      • Mary Jane Pace Owen Rodney just started insulin...BUT even worse are the dental bills for ONE TOOTH IMPLANT! So far he's only had the post implanted and our share AFTER INSURANCE is $1000! Why even have dental insurance? Medical and dental insurance costs are obscene! Rant over...thanks for listening.
        Yesterday at 12:08pm via mobile ·  · 2

      • John Hansen Hi Catherine, my oldest son has been insulin dependent for 20 years. His current insurance payment for his family and himself are $2000.00 a mo. luckily he his a very good job until ???? :(
        Yesterday at 1:21pm ·  · 1

      • Catherine Gile 
        ‎@MJ I know what Rodney is going through. I'm still working on my implants have everything in place except the fake teeth. I do have dental insurance and my share is about 2400. however my insurance picked up quite a bit. The bill was hor...See More
        Yesterday at 1:35pm ·  · 1

      • Dale Milton Oh now the current administration thinks everyone should be equal so persons who pay taxes get same as those who do not pay anything, this is attractive to those persons in poverty. This is his way of trying to win a lossing battle.
        Yesterday at 7:05pm via mobile ·  · 1

      • Cathy Anne Mowbray My health insurance just went up 13%. The equality in my situation is that I am picking up the cost of someone who doesn't have health insurance. Not to happy with the equality situation!
        Yesterday at 7:29pm ·  · 1

      • Peggy J. Pogon Barnes Amen to that!
        Yesterday at 7:59pm via mobile · 

      • Tom Hail 
        So I guess health care is a privilege. If you can pay for it, you can get it. The cost of insurance would be much lower if the insurers could pick and choose who they insure. It would be even lower if hospitals could turn away those who 
        don't have the cash, credit, or insurance to pay for their illness. Free birth control is a smart move not a demand. Birth control prevents unwanted pregnancies and reduces abortions (there is no provision for free abortions) and would reduce further the cost of insurance due to their not having to cover a pregnancy... oh, but then insurance doesn't have to cover pregnancy in the health care privilege world. Dale, no one pays NO taxes... if you have a job, part of your salary goes to payroll taxes, you pay social security and medicare taxes and almost everything you buy is taxed regardless of your job state. Americans helping Americans isn't patriotic at all. Nope.
        Yesterday at 8:54pm ·  · 1

      • Dale Milton Well i guess we all might as well quit our jobs and ride the gravy train collect unemployment no piss tests have a bunch of kids and demand more respect.
        Yesterday at 9:00pm via mobile ·  · 1

      • Tom Hail 
        No. The point is to work together as a community and nation. "E pluribus unum", that old motto from the founding fathers in 1789.... "out of many, one". Health care is very hard for one person or family to take care of (as noted above!) 
        it should be a state wide or national endeavor. It shouldn't even be an issue, is should just be a background assumption that health care is covered for everyone. Instead the right has turned it into fear of socialism and government control. Sorry, we are a social civilization, you can't do anything without society. You are safe in your home and nation because of socialist police and defense, you drive socialist roads, and your kids go to socialist schools. The list is unending. Literally unending. What is so special about health care?
        Yesterday at 9:29pm ·  · 1

      • Dale Milton I dont have a problem with working together as a community or nation. The point is that free abortions and contraceptives should not be provided free, while more important drugs people really need is so extremely expensive. Providing things free only further promotes poor behavior and lack of discipline. It is time for some accountability and fiscal responsibility which is the only way to correct our country. Go ROMNEY
        Yesterday at 9:48pm via mobile ·  · 2

      • 23 hours ago ·  · 1

      • Tom Hail 
        Abortions are not and are not planned to be free. Contraceptives save money and do not promote "poor" behavior. It is time for critical thinking and rational thought. Drugs are expensive because the companies have to recoup development c
        osts and please shareholders without any help from society. Where do you get this notion that free stuff causes poor behavior? What is free anyway? We all pay in some way for it all. Roads are free to travel on, does that cause the poor behavior on them? Would it be any different if they were toll roads? I don't think so.
        23 hours ago ·  · 1

      • Dale Milton 
        So you cherish the free stuff more than if you work for it? Funny you speaking of roads how are the free roads in california? Where gas is highest in nation and a state that is broke and cannot pay employees, maybe obama can bail you all o
        ut with free money too! I was not raised with a silver spoon worked hard for my money nothing free for me or anyone else. I live within my means and expect everyone else to do the same. Our great nation provides opportunity equal to everyone, its up to us to make it better than we had it as kids. Abstinence is the best form of birth control. Maybe we should allow free conterception by means of vasectomy to be certain the free stuff is not abused. Wonder how many would sign up for that?
        22 hours ago via mobile ·  · 2

      • Melissa Milton Crum Well said Dale!
        22 hours ago via mobile · 

      • Tom Hail 
        No, I don't cherish free stuff. I cherish a society that prospers. A society that prospers takes care of things that is hard for individuals to accomplish on their own. Roads, defense, fire fighting, etc help our society prosper and is a
         shared expense. Sharing properly gives equal opportunity for everyone to grow. When women can control their bodies and pregnancies, societies prosper. Health care is not shared properly and it holds the poor and middle class back. Relative to GDP you and I haven't had a raise in 50 years and now health care costs are cutting into that. Covered birth control is such a small part of the whole mess but it has become such a lightening rod for those who fear change, fear difference, fear loss of what they have for no rational reason.
        14 hours ago · 

      • Catherine Gile 
        Yes taking care of others when they cannot take care of themselves is what we do as a family, community and state. Having the Federal Government take that responsibility is fundimentally flawed. It's too far removed from the person who can
        not take care of himself. One major problem is, big news flash, not everyone who says they cannot take care of themselves really cannot take care of themselves. It's a mess, that we can agree on. Obama Care doesn't fix the problem it adds to the problem. Yes there are some good things in it, which could have taken about 5 pages to write. The rest, well who even knows what that is?
        11 hours ago ·  · 1

      • Cathy Anne Mowbray 
        My husband is going thru chemo. He is doing great. it is expensive. We have health care. We worked to secure our retirement and to be able to have health care. We pay for it. If you go to the hospital and have no health care your bill is au
        tomatically cut in half. I pick up the difference. I don't like that. People have to learn to take care of themselves.We have become a society of expect rather than accept! Nothing is free for the people that pay for it!
        11 hours ago ·  · 2

      • Melissa Milton Crum AMERICA; LAND OF THE FREE, NOT land AND EVERYTHING ELSE for FREE!!!
        11 hours ago ·  · 1

      • Catherine Gile Oh Cathy I am so glad your husband is doing great. My prayers go out to you both.
        11 hours ago · 

      • Tom Hail ‎"I got mine, too bad if you can't get yours. You're either not good enough or too lazy." Enjoy that in Rmoney/Ryan world if it happens. Especially the day your insurance company drops you because... they can. Or the day the under-educated are trying to operate the hospice facility you are lying in. I tried. I give up.
        33 minutes ago · 

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