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17 November, 2008

Gingrich On Prop 8 Protests: "Gay And Secular Fascism ... Prepared To Use Violence"

Gingrich On Prop 8 Protests: "Gay And Secular Fascism ... Prepared To Use Violence":

Fuck you Gingrich.

"GINGRICH: Look, I think there is a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us, is prepared to use violence, to use harassment. I think it is prepared to use the government if it can get control of it. I think that it is a very dangerous threat to anybody who believes in traditional religion. And I think if you believe in historic Christianity, you have to confront the fact. And, frank -- for that matter, if you believe in the historic version of Islam or the historic version of Judaism, you have to confront the reality that these secular extremists are determined to impose on you acceptance of a series of values that are antithetical, they're the opposite, of what you're taught in Sunday school."

I don't want to impose my will on anyone. They don't want to impose anything on anyone. Tradition is irrelevant in the fairness of law. Just because it has always been one way doesn't make it right. And again, there is no threat to "traditional" marriage. If you don't want to marry a guy, then don't. That is the way 96% of us will go. Just because a few (ONLY 4%) go the other way, so what? How does it hurt the traditionalists? There are so many flavors of Christianity and other religions to live with, how would it be different to coexist with a different form of marriage? Get used to change old man. You want to keep your traditions, then go live on a historic farm or commune.

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