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26 November, 2008

A few religious thoughts to ponder - The Times-Herald

A few religious thoughts to ponder - The Times-Herald:

Thanksgiving must be a terrible time for atheists. They have no God to thank.

They do not have the privilege of gathering with family and friends to express gratitude by saying: "Praise God from whom all blessings flow." An atheist on his deathbed faces serious uncertainties. Gazing upward, he pleads: "Oh God, if there is a God, please save my soul -- if I have one."

One of many replies:
"A Thankful Atheist - When I sit down at my mother's table this thanksgiving I will bow my head and give thanks to her and my sister-in-law for the feast we've managed to eek out in such tough times. I will thank my father for the years of hard work he put into making sure I had a chance for a better life. I will thank my brother for encouraging me to reach for the stars. I will thank the millions of farmers that made my meal possible. I will thank those who have past for their love and inspiration. And I will thank the men and women who are trying, even as I sit down to eat, to bring this holiday to the poor and homeless. Yet I will not be thanking god, for he has done nothing to deserve my thanks. A foreseeable result of not existing.
Posted by Friar-Zero at 8:53 AM"

Not one comment to Jim Griffith's column agreed with him before comments were closed.

I am thankful all the atheists who gave him a reply to read. If they opened his eyes a little, great. If not, he can continue to live his pathetically narrow life.

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