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01 November, 2008

No on Prop 8.... again

Again... why No on Prop 8

What is wrong with Prop 8? It is pure and simple discrimination against a minority being coded into the State Constitution. The constitution! This is messing with the California State Constitution! It should not be touched without very serious consideration. This hysterical campaign of fear and lies does not constitute serious consideration. The topic of marriage has become irrelavant, this proposition is about discrimination being coded into the constitution. It could be about any discrimination, it would still be wrong. Morally wrong.

Why does it matter to me? Everyone should be treated the same under the law. If not, then when does it stop? A religious test for state office? Some restriction in freedom of speech? Some restriction on who can live where?

Why was the will of the people on gay marriage ignored? It wasn't ignored, it was struck down as unconstituional. The checks and balances in our government prevent the majority from making laws that discriminate against minorities. Judges must strike down laws passed by the people if they violate the constitution, they have no choice, that is the basic design of our system. The Judicial branch balances against the Executive and Legislative branches. The mob (us) work through our legislators to get laws passed, sometimes we get fed up and make our own propositions. But, it is too bad if we make a bad law. Unless we (the mob) change the Constitution. I think it is too easy to change the State Constitution.

How is marriage threatened by gay marriage? It isn't. If you don't like gay marriage, don't have one. The law already says marriage is between two people. Nothing more. No polygamy, no animals, no children.

How are kids threatened by gay marriage? They aren't. Prop 8 does nothing to protect kids from imaginary (or even real) threats.

What does marriage have to do with making babies? Nothing. Don't have to be married to have babies. Don't have to have babies if you are married. Gays can adopt or have kids naturally. Marriage is a status that is privileged by law and everyone must have the same privileges. No discrimination. "Civil Unions" do not have the same status and privileges as marriage and doesn't cut it. Maybe marriage should be removed from law and only Civil Unions used, making "marriage" only a social and/or religious construct defined by whoever has an opinion on what it should be.

Who is against Prop 8:
including California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

So, you see I have strong feelings about Prop 8. I would trade McCain for president to keep it from passing. All I can do is express my opposition, buy bumper stickers, talk to my friends, and send money to Liz and I may go stand on a corner Sunday with signs. I know I am preaching to the choir for most of you, but you might need some ammunition to work on your friends.

Thanks for reading... hope I didn't offend anyone this time.

Dad/Thomas/Tom/Liberal whackjob

PS... NO on Propositions 4, 6, 8 and 9, vote YES on Proposition 5. Just in case you wondered. :-)

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