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29 January, 2005

Wired News: Scientists Clamor to Save Hubble

Wired News: Scientists Clamor to Save Hubble:

Peter thinks the Mars initiative by Bush is smoke to dismantle exploration in space. Science goes against Bush's religion. I am not sure I disagree!

"'The goal of the shuttle is not safety, it's mission success. That's like saying we can only go to Mars if there are six rescue ships available and no chance of launch problems, or Columbus saying, 'I'm willing to sail across the Atlantic only if you promise me there won't be any storms,'' Zubrin said.

Paolucci concurred. 'There's no political risk in saying you'll put a man on Mars in 30 years. It's so bold-sounding, but at the same time we're afraid to fly 350 miles to the Hubble to fix it? I won't use the word cowardly, but we're stepping away, we're retreating,' he said."

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