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20 January, 2005

I found an old rant from before blog (June 2002). It still holds true today. It's Allena's birthday and Bush got re-oathersized today. An up and down day. I asked her how she felt being this is the third time in her life she has had a birthday on a Bush's ignaugeration day. She said, ech.

Rant on Pledge of Allegiance

I am horrified by the furor about the "under god" ruling from the appeals court in San Francisco. A judge made a ruling. Now it is time to debate the issue, not all this ranting and raving and religious posturing.

I for one agree with the ruling. I don't think the "under god" phrase belongs in a pledge that people actually use in public government settings. I don't think it has to be removed from currency and public buildings, but don't make me say it when I don't believe it in part of a pledge that I do take seriously.

President Bush's statement the other day where he said something like "we need judges who understand that what we have was given to us by god" sent chills down my back. What the hell was that? Didn't we fight and scratch out our freedoms and keep them over the years through the blood and wisdom of our forefathers? I don't see "god's" hand in any of it. Didn't he swear to uphold the constitution? Isn't there some specific intent in the constitution to keep religion out of government?

Keep religion out of government and keep a professional attitude about this ruling. I'll fight for anyone in this country to be free to practice their religion, whatever it is. But I'll also fight to keep any religion out of my government, whatever it may be.

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