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To the question, “Why me?” the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply, “Why not?”
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09 January, 2005

I had the following comment on my "Intelligent" design post earlier...

"Tom where have you been looking to create an illusive existence of an introgressant cosmic universe without a supreme creator (atheist). I have many challenges for you, if you are willing to humble self and then prove to self if there really is or is not an intelligent creator. Using a little math. Examine the absolute necessary multiple combination of the equations of the ear- find the speed of sound approximately 600 mile an hour. Find the speed of electricity 186,000 miles per second. Now reason the multiple of combinations found in the equation of creating the ability to hear and all must be perfectly present in genes (a million more multiples) and reproduce to off spring of both male and female immediately."

It went on and on pretty incohearently and since it was no-reply, I couln't respond. Bill needs some more education... he has some facts at his fingertips but he doens't see the whole picture, hasn't had the education necessary to conceive of how phisyics, chemistry, and biology play together to give us the intelligence to have this disagreement. I am just an engineer 25 years out of college and even then it was easy for me to see and understand that life is amazing but doesn't require the hand of a creator to exist. Nature, from the largest and most energetic center of a galaxy down to the activities of a virus is both very complex in the interrelationships involved and very simple in how discrete processes work.

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  1. Nightline had a story on this the other night. Dover, PA school is having an interesting problem. Anyway, Ted did some kind of poll (I missed who did it or exactly what the question was) but the result was that 34% believed in Evolution, 34% believed in Creationism, and 29% preferred to keep their mouths shut. I guess 3% were Scientologists.