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24 January, 2005

Religion Vs. Unity (

Religion Vs. Unity (

"Take this item: Even elected officials who are deeply religious sometimes have to make compromises and set their convictions aside to get results while in government.

The percentage of Americans agreeing with that statement fell 10 points -- to 74 percent -- from 2000 to the time of the Public Agenda survey, just before the 2004 elections. Those who never go to religious services favored compromise by 82 percent (down slightly from 85 percent four years ago). But for evangelicals and weekly service-goers, the support for compromise was down to 63 percent. This represents a decline in just four years of 16 points for evangelicals and 19 points for regular worshipers."

The beginning of the end... In twenty years, the EU will have to invade the US to save us from the fundementalist Christian government that has become the worst of tyrants. Kind of like Spain in the inquisition.

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