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24 August, 2012

The lying shit-heads.

Facebook ranting:

The Romney/GOP plan since November 2008. Lie big, lie often. Repeated often enough the lies become truth in those who can't see past the lying. Romney winning in November will be the worst day in American politics. I thought that was the day Bush got re-elected, but this will eclipse that 1000 times.

Response to some blather about "mainstream media" lying:
And what evidence do you have for that? Really? Do you really think that? I have demonstrated over and over the GOP/FOX Noise/Romney lying. Where is the "mainstream" lying? What specifically? They are not great, they leave out a lot of stuff, but what LYING? The FOX lying is outright compulsive and clear. If Obama said the sky is blue they'd twist it somehow into some fear mongering ludicrous fantasy of what he said. The Romney PACs are even worse. Romney hasn't an original thought in his head so he just parrots what he hears. I have absolutely NO respect for the current GOP. They are in the pockets of their corporate masters who are pandering to the idiots of the Tea Party to ensure their capture of the Presidency and Senate. If Obama is the "puppet master" do you think I am a puppet? I am not. I have researched the FACTS for myself. I am NOT deceived, the GOP is lying to regain power and have NO OTHER INTEREST. Restore the country? What bullshit! The GOP drove this country into the ditch as much (especially Reagan!) than anyone! We want them back in control? Insanity! I am so angry at this I am not sure I'd want to stay in this GOP controlled country, living under the racist, misogynistic, anti-science, isolationist, fearful GOP is absolutely revolting. The American people are being bought and lied to and are too lazy to realize it. Maybe they deserve backward movement with backward thinking. Maybe this is the end of the American empire, less than 100 300 years, sad compared to the hundreds of years of the Egyptian, Roman, Chinese or British empires. Am I taking this too seriously? I seriously fear for my daughters' futures.

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