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04 August, 2012

Aug 2012 Young Eagles

Foggy day at WVI. We scrubbed the Young Eagles flights due to the low clouds and the risk of a bunch of planes flying around the same place in them. I killed my battery trying to start anyway so spent the rest of the afternoon servicing it and then taking an quick scud running flight.

Over 40 kids showed up to fly.  Kind of hard to tell them we weren't flying today.

Battery out, serviced and charging.  This battery problem is pissing me off.

60 year old battery and engine compartment, could stand some refurbishment.

Nice for VW to place a power outlet in the trunk. Inverter to charger to battery.

I don't think I went over 1000' the whole flight. It was clearer over the water.

It was fun zooming around the Pajaro Valley. Good thing I took this flight... I came back down in a much better frame of mind.

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