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25 February, 2011

The Frustrating, Difficult, Never-Ending Search for God

"We may not know precisely what God is, but our tradition clearly tells us what God does: God heals the sick, clothes the naked, houses the homeless and pursues peace."

Really? Based on our traditions that include slavery, torture, genocide, persecutio­n and murder? Those traditions tell us god also feeds and clothes us? Really? The same god who aborts many more babies DAILY than we have ever done? Who wipes out thousands with volcanos, earth quakes and tsunamis? REALLY? I've never had any religion or faith, so to hear intelligen­t people say this stuff with a straight face is amazing. Absolutely amazing. I poke my head in here occasional­ly, see this stuff and go running for some rationalit­y in a Science blog.
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  1. Unfortunately very few people follow what the tradition says. Religion has been the problem rather than the solution for hundreds of years. There are people, though very few, who do good – I mean very few. My mother, who was totally for laïcité, gave to l’Abbé Pierre and his Emmaus community. He was quite a character, helping homeless people in France tremendously, and in an anti-clerical country, was very popular. Read a little bit about him here and you will see what I mean (read about Emmaus.) But this type of people can be counted on the hands.

  2. l’Abbé Pierre and Emmaus sounds interesting and has quite a story. I must have heard of him somehow since it didn't sound un-familiar. Does Emmaus preach before helping like some religious charities do? "Listen to our dogma and then we'll help you"

    This post was actually a comment I made at HuffPo that didn't get past the moderator. I was being to harsh I guess. Liz and I have a Methodist Pastor friend who has the biggest heart in the world, she tried and tried to do good in the communities she worked in, but in each placement she finally, in some way, got stymied by the politics and bureaucracy of the Methodist church or by some of the people in her parish because of control and/or dogma. She has given up being a pastor last I heard and gone back into law where she came from. The people of religion can definitely be good hearted and have admirable intentions and it is only their worldview that is goofed up. This article was about finding god and I was just amazed at the delusional view this rabbi had of his god and what is he attributed to it.