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25 February, 2011

An Atheist's View On Abortion

An Atheist's View On Abortion

A clearly worded view on abortion. I've seen abortion as the removal of a tissue growth if done early enough. Even later, without viability, the fetus to me isn't more than a sad story, the evidence being that brain functioning isn't more than automatic survival until very late. I do think every abortion in the later two trimesters should be considered and performed as a birthing in case the fetus does survive without support.

In regards to a soul, I think it doesn't exist outside of the brain. That is pretty much clear to anyone without the corruption of religious belief and even the basics of human biology. Just the fact that a doctor can very effectively shut off your thinking with a couple of drugs makes this obvious. The nature of consciousness is still a scientific frontier that I look forward to future discoveries in. The amazingly complicated system of connections in the brain seems to be leading to it, but how... wow. Considering how the brain is put together and how it evolved, it is amazing we have the capacity to have an intelligent thought at all. Or that mental illness or developmental issues like autism isn't more common. But to attribute this capability to an immortal soul is to ignore the obvious evidence.

The Republican war on Planned Parenthood seems to be a smoke screen to the fact that they can't do what they were elected to do, balance the budget. They can't do it with what they are doing, this is only a stall tactic to get to 2012 with some ability to get into the White House. As with religion, it is all about power, acquiring it and keeping it.

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  1. I was trying to write a comment on your post – but I can’t add to it because you are absolutely right - you said it very well.