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15 May, 2010

Spaceflight Now | STS-132 Shuttle Report | Respecting Atlantis as the shuttle faces retirement

The shuttle Atlantis is on what may be it's final mission. 25 years ago two DSCS-III spacecraft were it's maiden flight's payload and was my second of eight DSCS-III launches to support, those two spacecraft operated for over 20 years after that. This is kind of like watching a daughter retire!


  1. I know exactly what you mean – when you work with someone or something for a long time, it is hard to let them go. When I stopped supporting the C-130 when the C-130J model came up, I felt very sad.

  2. Whoa. A hippie from the 60's ended up working on the C-130? :-) I could hardly believe what I was reading. I've worked for LM for almost 30 years. Yes, you do get attached to the projects when you work hard on them. My oldest daughter just got a photography degree on Friday, so I was feeling pensive when I found this article... but Atlantis retirement didn't seem to match graduation... so daughter retirement.