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To the question, “Why me?” the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply, “Why not?”
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16 May, 2010

Daughters of Eve

PZ writes about women and religion, why do women accept the profoundly misogynistic faiths? I've wondered that as well. He had a daughter graduate from college on Friday as I did, we are both glad they are daughters of Eve.

"... part of the answer to misogyny: break free of the old dogmas that want women to be submissive bearers of babies and nothing more, break the dead and oppressive divine laws, and tempt men to follow you into liberation. We'll all be free together.

Take pride in the example of Eve, she is the author of a real promise of a greater humanity."


  1. I am pleased I gave you a chuckle. I was in charge of foreign trainees – LM found me because I lived nearby and spoke the foreign languages they needed. I was brought up in a secular home, so I am with you, don’t understand why women don’t rebel against all these religions.

  2. I read about your mom a little. My grandfather was also born in 1910 and had such a different life. He will be 100 on 3 July. I don't think he ever prayed that I ever saw, just my grandmother. He has been a huge influence in my life. One reason, I think, my parents never gave my siblings and I any religious training or indoctrination.