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16 August, 2009

Health Care Debate

The cost of health care will increase by $30Trillion+ over the next 10 years without reform. Taxes, premiums, out of pocket, one way or another we will pay it. So, investing a couple of trillion to make a system that slows that down is not a good idea? There will be no free health care, we have to pay somehow. But it is extremely inefficient to pay an insurance company who pays doctors and hospitals who charge not only for my services but also for the services they have to provide for the un or under insured. I agree that cross state deregulation seems to be a good idea and maybe that is an alternative to the public option.

It takes reasonable debate to get there and there are some who are more into the politics and ratings than the debate. Right now the noise is drowning out the reasonable debate.

This country has been debating health care since Teddy Roosevelt. None of the ideas in the plan are new. Even the life counseling issue has been around for years and was initially brought up by a Republican. The only thing that has changed is that finally the American people elected a Congress with the power and will to do something. It is time to do it before the will is lost to politics again.

The system is broken. My 99 year old grandfather has excellent medical coverage because he has been smart about his finances and insurance and has had great medical advice by really good doctors. On the other hand, a couple of weeks ago, my sister-in-law died when the hospital sent her back home with some Maalox for chest pain. She has always had medical coverage issues, has always fought with the insurance companies, was her coverage a factor for why she died? I shouldn't even have to ask the question.


  1. That and the fact that the ER doctor who received her was obviously incompetent. Who sends home a woman who has chest pains, can't raise her arms, and has already had heart surgery?

    Anyway, I'll email you the link to the video we mentioned.


    This is pretty good...
    Health Care vs Hog Care