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09 August, 2009

The Burka

We reject muslim values because they are degrading and offensive.

The whole point of female consealment in Islamic society is that men are not expected to take responsibility for their sexual urges, so that any woman who is not covered up from head to toe is asking to be raped. The Burka therefore ligitimizes rape, it apologizes for rape, it justifies rape. (Are you listening feminists?) This makes it as offensive a public statement as a Klu Klux Klan uniform or a Nazi Swastika and should be treated with exactly same revulsion and contempt.

Muslim men must start treating women as equals, not as possessions.

This comes from Pat Condell's latest YouTube video. It doesn't mean a lot here in this coundry but in Europe, Islamic rights and sensibilities are in debate, appearently. It applies here in the sensibilities Christians demand of their religion, same crap, different problems. The teaching of evolution/creationism in schools, moral authority, abortion and conception. The discussions have been getting more heated and pointed. I hope the American people come to their senses sooner rather than later.

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