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13 June, 2009

A Conversation With WhoIsYourCreator.Com

Talk Origins
Origins the Series (currently 5 videos)
Foundational Falsehood of Creationism (currently 17 videos )
Why do people laugh at creationists? (currently 30 videos)
From Big Bang to Us — Made Easy (currently 14 videos)
Schools version of the Made Easy series (currently 8 videos)
Evidence FOR Evolution and Against Creationism (currently 32 videos)
Bias Bingo: How Cognitive Bias Generates Belief
Me VS God (currently 5 videos)
Why Young Earth Creationists Must DENY Gravity (currently 5 videos)
Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial


  1. Tom,
    I think counter videos should also be listed here. I hope you'd be rational here.
    All those visiting this page should see the counter arguments as well.

  2. Why? There is no intent here at my blog for fair and balanced. There is no god, evolution is fact. This is what I want to say. I have yet to see a counter argument worth publishing.

    I will rationally discuss anything anyone likes, I enjoy that quite a bit. I seldom get visitors anyway so it doesn't happen a lot here, I usually go elsewhere.

  3. I visited and watched some of that video... it is amazing how much time and effort is put into this crap. Statement after statement with no backing, comments taken out of context, misrepresentation of information. Again and again it demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of the theory of evolution. This video repeatedly states the most basic misunderstanding about evolution that it happens by chance. Not once does it explain the part that natural selection plays in evolution. Additionally, Chapter 2 is devoted on the creation of life that evolution does not and has never attempted to explain. That is a separate and much different problem.

    I no longer believe this is ignorance on the part of "Harun Yahya". I believe it is willful deceit in the quest for influence, money, and power over those willing to give in to this deceit. I suggest questions be made of the "Harun Yahya" organization.

    If you are one of Jamshed's buddies, you already have seen my discussion with them. You are welcome to come comment here. Be prepared to answer questions.