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30 May, 2009

Rule of law, not rule of mob or of fear

Dear Senator Boxer,
I don't know what your position is on the Gitmo detainees being brought to the US for trial but I would like to express mine.

We want this to be a country ruled by law, not by the mob. When I heard Senator Reid say "no detainees will enter the US" I was shocked and extremely disappointed. The only fair way to close the Gitmo chapter of our history is to do the right thing, get them tried in real courts and either released or imprisoned in this country.

I fail to understand what the fear is for bringing them into the country? We have equally dangerous people in our prisons already. We have terrorists already in our prisons (unibomber & McVey to name two). If we can't imprison properly 200 from gitmo, we have bigger problems.

Obama is being forced by the Senate to follow the failed path of G Bush because of this. Please help change this course back to the rule of law. The rule of fear and the mob doesn't work.

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