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20 May, 2009

Modern day Isaacs

Modern day Isaacs:
"Colleen Hauser has flown the coop. She has defied a court order to bring her sick son, Daniel Hauser, to a qualified doctor for essential medical care. The boy has Hodgkins lymphoma, a disease with a very good prognosis if treated soon, but is a painful death sentence within a few years if neglected. His mother, though, is fervently religious, and no doubt smug in her righteousness, has bundled her son into a car and is devoutly driving to Mt. Moriah. I hope she's not expecting an angel of the lord to appear and spare her son."
"You are Abraham's enablers. I hope you all feel a small tremor of guilt when you sit your own children down at bedtime to beg a nonexistent being for aid, when you plant the seed of futile supplication and surrender to delusions in their trusting minds. Damn you all."

Yes. Damn them all.

Also damn the California voters who voted against Props 1A through 1E. Now we're screwed. I hope Arnold lets thousands of prisoners out, lets So Cal and Nor Cal burn this summer, and the passes over 80 and 50 don't get plowed next winter. Not to mention the millions of kids getting crappier education. Some Jarvis anti-tax ass said "when households lose 1/3 their income, the HBO goes before the food". So Jarvis ass-wipe, what is California's HBO? What are you going to cut?

And damn the US Senate for its Not-In-My-Back-Yard (NIMBY) for the gitmo prisoners, I've got to find out if either of my senators voted against funding to close Gitmo to prevent them coming to CA. I can't believe it. WTF!?! What are they afraid of? They will be in prison! Worse people are in our country now in our prisons! Just because they weren't born here they shouldn't be in our prisons? I guess we should just let them go home. That is the only choice if the NIMBY attitude is continues.

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