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26 February, 2005

Seven Deadly Absurdities

Seven Deadly Absurdities

I had never liked No Child Left Behind act of Bush's and this site helped me consolidate my thoughts on the subject. I am sure there are others. This punishing schools for not performing seemed like a bad idea. Most schools and parents aren't willing to let schools slide as a whole and this act doesn't help at all. It is funny also how a Republican president who is so into minimalist government can want such an intrusive act into local government. It is more evidence of the incompetence of this administration, it sees a problem and thrashes out at it without thought or reasoning. That is what I see in almost every action it takes. Conspiracy people think Bush has darker, selfish motives that drives it... I don't think he is smart enough to have his own thoughts and can't direct the smart folks around him to keep things in control.

Impeach Bush!

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