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27 February, 2005

MSNBC - Razzies tap Berry, 'Catwoman' as year's worst

MSNBC - Razzies tap Berry, 'Catwoman' as year's worst

Ha ha ha! This busted me up! Very funny. A clip from it:
"President Bush won the worst-actor award for his appearance in news and archival footage of Michael Moore’s satiric documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11.” Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was voted worst supporting-actor for “Fahrenheit 9/11,” while Britney Spears’ fleeting cameo in the documentary brought her the worst supporting-actress award.

Razzies founder John Wilson said the prizes were not meant to mock Moore’s film, only the statements Bush and the others make while “putting their highly paid, highly skilled feet in their mouths repeatedly and sucking on them.”"

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