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07 February, 2005

More anti-Bush ranting...

So, he wants us to borrow trillions and spend billions in interest to change Social Security into an investment instead of insurance. Does this make any kind of sense? If your investment happens to do better than basic Social Security, you win a little, but you don't "own" it. They still massively control how it is paid out. If it doesn't do so well. Oh well. Your "Social Security" benefit is reduce proportionally to how much you risked in investments. So how about spending the billion or so to make it solvent without the risk or making some investment brokers really really happy. We know how much we can trust those guys to maximize our returns. Where do the billions come from? Well, maybe a little increase in SS taxes now will mean a lot later. Oh, not a TAX INCREASE! God forbid!
I can't believe anyone is falling for this scheme. But then Bush got re-elected. That still boggles my mind.

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