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30 January, 2017

Immigration Ban

Fought with conservatives about Trump’s Holocaust Remembrance Day immigration ban.  Why is it that conservatives don’t get that ethnic, religious, sexual discrimination is unconstitutional? What is so incomprehensible about it?

How is it a good idea to ban immigration from these countries at all anyway?  What threat does refugees from here pose? No terrorist attack in this country has been committed by a refugee from these countries. Instead our troops are at higher risk because we are reneging on hope and promises for those in the region that they can escape in return for the help they gave us.  People are getting screwed, it could be people die.  So the question is, how many more terrorists did Trump create with this ban?  Nothing new here.  Our name is further trashed internationally.  Russia laughs at us.  Who knows what China is thinking?

What a fuck up Trump is.

One web site I read thinks this is all testing of the waters for a coup d'état in US government, where would resistance come from, give an idea who would support such a thing.  I think that’s farfetched but the testing goes on.  Is the administration going to back down in the face of court orders?  Trump fucking better. What is disturbing is that the Department of Homeland Security seems to be following unconstitutional orders without question.

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