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26 January, 2017

Actions to take against Trump

Join (Organization who will go to court or help elect who you want.)

-          Planned Parenthood -

-          American Civil Liberties Union

-          Union of Concerned Scientists

-          Southern Poverty Law Center (good civil rights org but they pissed me off)

-          Emily’s List

-          Freedom From Religion Foundation


Subscribe (A free press supported by readers is needed to keep tabs on Trump.)

-          Washington Post -

-          The Guardian -

-          Slate -


Call (Tell your congress person what you think, what you want.)

-          Senator Feinstein and Harris -

-          House Representative -

-          (Calling is easy… State one sentence of what you want, they’ll ask you your zip code and maybe name.)

-          (“Hi, I’d like to register my opposition to Senator Sessions being confirmed as Attorney General.” They ask your name and zip. Done)


There’s more…

Follow activists on Twitter and Facebook

Comment on Facebook and Twitter, don’t be silent.

Comment on news articles. You’ll get criticized and called names but f—k them.

March. Trumpie didn’t like the bigger crowd after his big day.

There is a March for Science coming up soon.

There will be immigration marches.


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