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09 November, 2010

RE: PRS Charging

As I sit here with an ice pack on my wrist, steroids rubbed into the tendons, cortisone barely touching the pain, I am being told to charge OVTU as much as possible for typing up 14 PADRs? I hate this fucking job.

Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2010 7:49 AM
Subject: PRS Charging
MOO&LSS/O&S Managers,
I have received a few questions this week on this topic…

The PRS charging information for MOO&LSS is:

For your convenience I also attached some guidelines that Justin put together that may be helpful to your team(s) if they don’t already have them. As mentioned by Ed in his Staff a few weeks ago, please keep charging to a minimum this year and use OVTU when possible.

Thank you,

PRS are employee performance appraisals.  OVTU is unpaid overtime, yet again they failed to budget any time for us to actually write the things and we can't charge the customer for them.

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