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04 November, 2010

Pissed off

Pissed off.  Why?  Democrats lost the House.  Democrats lost seats in the Senate.  Obama tried to work with the Republicans and got nowhere, and kept trying when it was obvious he was being strung along.  What are the Dems going to do with this drubbing?  Turtle up.  Work together and come out with and stick with a consistent message they the defend strongly?  No.  Turtle up.  They have to the end of this year to show me wrong here.

The people of this country and this state piss me off.  We passed amendments to make fees require 2/3 vote in the legislature.  Now local counties and cities are really going to deteriorate.  This may be worse than Prop-13.  The proposition to place an $18 State Park fee on vehicle registration in return for free access failed.  This made total sense!  Are you asleep?  Oh, it was a back door tax!  Ooohhh!  More taxes!  "Hidden Taxes!"  What better way to keep our state parks in great shape, making California a great place to visit, bringing in millions if not billions in economic stimulus, benefiting even those who never set foot in a state park.  But no.  Our infrastructure is going to fall apart because of Prop 26 and on top of that so will our state parks.   This place is going to look real nasty with parks no one wants to visit, crap roads, no services.  Business won't stick around if it becomes impossible to do business and employees don't want to live here. 

The Republicans are going to try to change the health care reform act.  I think they are going to find that harder to do than simply "repealing Obamacare."  I'm pissed off.  The fools who voted these morons into office are going to hear from me.  This directly hits my wallet and my family and repeal isn't going to happen quietly.

Obama, what you do with the remains of this congress determines if I support you in 2012.  Don't fuck it up.


  1. I am philosophical. I have been studying the ignorant masses which are called by the conservatives “The American People.” These people believe slogans and propaganda – there have been such people in history. They love celebrities and the rich and wish to keep them there, why become like Europe with free health care, better living condition and education instead of spiraling down behind the rest of the western countries? No way, it is much better to listen to Faux Noise and the likes and the myths they tell them. The Republicans have constantly said no to anything Obama has proposed and it has worked for them, so they won’t change their ways now, then they can proclaim that it was the Democrats’ faults, and the “American People” will believe it. They will keep the government from making any appointment even if it is against their best interest. As Dickens had said after visiting America “greed” is the culture here. The rich corporations give money anonymously to their candidates, pay for misleading ads and the public gobbles it up – this is the American culture, why by pissed off? As my daughter would say “Hello?”

  2. I know. It is just so frustrating to see the people around me drink in the crap Beck and Hannity spew out. One good thing is that Obama has a veto pen so unless they get an override-able majority in 2012, health care probably won't be "repealed." Liz and I just read "Oryx and Crake" by Margret Atwood that has a future that is becoming too real, based on greed. It doesn't end well. In any case, I am not going to go quietly away. I'll keep pointing out to my family wing-nuts the lies Fox spews, maybe eventually it will get through to some of them.