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30 October, 2010

Why Religion Should Be Confronted

"It's time for secularists to stop sucking up to Christians -- and Muslims and Jews and Hindus and any others who claim they have some sacred right to decide what kind of society the rest of us must live in--what a human being can do with her own body. The good news is that young people are joining the rising atheist movement in increasing numbers. I have not met one yet who is an accommodationist. I have great hope that in perhaps another generation America will have joined Europe and the rest of the developed world in shucking off the rusty chains of ancient superstition."

Good 'ol Victor.  I need to get his latest book.  The new atheist community has been arguing how much to accommodate religion.  From derisive ridicule to full accommodation and respect for beliefs the argument goes.  Like Victor, I agree that all fronts need to be utilized in the goal for world domination by atheism.  Oops did I say that out loud?  Well yeah, that is the goal, right?  :-)  Actually the goal is evidence based policy decisions as opposed to political based ones.  The fact that religions are not based on evidence means they may be left in the dust waiting for the rapture or something.  But the rest of us are going to have to deal with global warming, over population and pollution problems that will make the two great wars of the 20th century look like 2nd grade playground pissing contests.  Religious based thinking is not going to help one whit.


  1. The problem I see in the South with many young people – is that they are “home schooled.” The textbooks used are not very truthful and follow the parents philosophy – for example evolution is just an idea.

  2. @Vagabonde
    Which is particularly sad because then homeschooling itself gets an undeservedly bad reputation. My sister and I were both (sort of) home-schooled through high school, but it wasn't to keep up ignorant or isolated. Though we did see some of that going on...

    But yes, if us young people can realize the importance of evidence-based policy now, there is more hope for the future. And it does seem that the people I know at college here are, at least, very secular.

    I should really start a club on campus... :\

  3. I think there have to be some standards for home schools, set curriculum or something. Allena and her sister went through what I thought was a well designed program run by the school district. It is too bad that just anyone can home "school" their kids and keep them in the dark ages. Need some gov'ment regulation! I guess that wouldn't go well with some people who make a lot of noise... too bad. You don't meet the need, you don't get to complain about it.