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20 October, 2010

A trolling I do go! A trolling I do go!....

I probably shouldn't do this, but sometimes I can't help myself.
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1 week ago
Fiona Phillips You rock !! I have a friend who has 6 children 4 of them were changed over night after recieving MMR. 2 children were fine . But they were repeatedly told that the vaccine wasn`t the cause of their Autism my friend & her husband said they know it was the vaccines has the change was straight after having them with each child . God didnt intend us to be vaccinated otherwise wed of been born with a syringe in our hands he gave us an immune system instead.
1 week ago 

@UkTruthSeeker2009 So god intended small babies die the agonizing death by whooping cough. And god intended you to walk everywhere you go. Naked. Oh, and turn off your computer and wait for the rapture.
Anecdotes are not evidence. Period.

1 week ago
@fly44d For all you know there might not have been any illnesses people lived longer before ,how do you know they aren`t` all man made viruses, deseases, Illnesses ?
You weren`t` born neither was I.I could even say the weather was better in those days and clothes could be limited to a palm leaf lol. He would want us to move on Technology wise as to make our lives comfortable But I dont Think hed be impressed in how some of the technology is used these days to the advantage of rich people. Do You

1 week ago 

@UkTruthSeeker2009 Wow. The ignorance burns. I do know. The historical, paleontological and anthropological evidence show we lived short, harsh lives before modern medicine and technology. And religion didn't do anything to make anything better. In fact it has always been used by the rich and powerful to control the poor. Look at your leaders in the UK, they are all rich, powerful and religious.

1 week ago
@UkTruthSeeker2009 i agree with you ,there are still a hand full of tribes in the world that have never had a cold or bug in their entire life and they live apart from the modern man ,these man made bugs are just a way of controlling the masses its like a religion to these pharmaceutical companies. so much greed in the world.
i dont trust any of them ,they are are total liars.

1 week ago
@gwellyn2 Baloney. All peoples have illnesses of some sort or another. The peoples of Central America were decimated by small pox they didn't have immunity for. There are no utopias on this planet. Imagine if the Spanish brought vaccines with them instead their religion. They could have saved a whole culture.

1 week ago 

@fly44d well perhaps if you did some reseach you may find i am right ,i do wish people would not say things unless they have done their research.

1 week ago
but all the spanish brought WAS their religion and the smallpox
poor cental american indians didnt stand a chance, although i did hear a rumour that they ripped each others hearts out to make the sun come up in the morning.
if only jenner had been around with his coxpox ! eh !
having said that if you expect me to inject all that crap, that big pharma says is good for you, into my child, then i suggest you buy a stabproof vest, cause your gonna need one.

1 week ago
@gwellyn2 ??!!? Smallpox, measles, pertussis, polio are man made? No. It is historical FACT that tens of thousands of children died every year from those diseases right up to the start of vaccinating against them. It is now FACT that these diseases are coming back and that children are DYING TODAY from them when they didn't need to.  I myself got pertussis a few years ago and that was hard, a baby going through that and dying is unimaginable. YOU are NOT right.

1 week ago
@markscott7777777 Ooh! the "big pharma" boogy man. They would love to get out of the vaccine business. Your kid crawling on the floor and putting their hands in their mouth got more live and different viruses than any injection. The FACT that vaccines prevent diseases and the deaths of tens of thousands of children makes it obvious that vaccines are good for you. Defend against that. The anti-vax stance kills children. Period.

1 week ago
@fly44d can you please not force your belief system on other people, everyone is entitled to their opinion, who are you to say i'm wrong you no nothing of my research. and why i think the way i do.
i am always aware of people with huge i know it all ego's ,i can see how far your research has gone ,well thats fine you are totally entitled to your opinion as am i.

1 week ago
@fly44d You are forcing your opinion ,and I dont care if you are medical or anything else I dont like Vaccines and Im entitled to my opinion. I dont know about my Leaders as they all are mostly Zionists and could worship Lucifer for alls I care they might aswell with what they are helping to do to Palastine. People lived longer years ago were told many chapters from the bible were changed but Genesis supposed to be True ,It tells you in there that people lived a lot longer.Im not a church go`er

1 week ago 

@gwellyn2 They seem to forget how many deaths,misscarriages and Gillian bare syndrome arisen from the Swine Flu Vaccine ,then expect people to Trust them.
There was a news article about Twin Baby Girls who recently died as a result of the Measles vaccine and many more cases similar abroad. I don`t` think the parents of the deceased would agree with these swear by the vaccine people.

6 days ago
@gwellyn2 I am sorry if facts offend you. You do not have the right to not be offended. Anti-Vax kills. Period. Google: Jenny McCarthy Body Count.

6 days ago
@UkTruthSeeker2009 Forcing my opinion? How do I do that? I am stating facts. Anti-Vax kills. Ditto what I said to gwellyn2.

6 days ago 

@UkTruthSeeker2009 Shit, you can't even get the Guillaine Barre Syndrome spelled right. And you wonder why you get no respect? Ignorance kills.

6 days ago
@UkTruthSeeker2009 dont bother waisting youtime with paid idots ,if they want to kill their kids and change human DNA leave them to it ,its their choice.

6 days ago
@fly44d well you have the freedom to believe what you like ,so be it. 

6 days ago
@fly44d Big Pharma would love to get out of the vaccine business ?.
How would they get any money off Bill Gates if they were not making them.
Anti-vax stance kills children period. Sorry not true ! disease kills children !
Vaccination is ment to prevent disease but unfortunately has many side effects that have been denied untill very recently.
Guess the MSM, WHO, and all the players in the swine flu hysteria are now wishing they had NOT. Experimental so called safe untrialed vaccines.

6 days ago 

@markscott7777777 Pharma doesn't make the profits off vaccines, they don't have patents on them and have to compete. How much do you pay for a jab? You wouldn't know.
Disease is prevented (fact) by vaccines. You stop vaccinations. You kill children. Sleep well.
GBS with the H1N1 vaccine last season was no more than the US average. Few people have any side affect. Those who do don't get vaccinated. Need the herd immunity to protect them. You are killing them.

5 days ago 

herd immunity for influenza,
please show me the medical book that says that !
i did not have the swine or seasonal flu jab and i am still alive.
whats the point in having a jab when the disease was very mild and your better just having the flu than risking the side effect that you admit, thankfully can happen.
how did all those big fancy doctors and experts manage to call this one so badly wrong in terms of virulence.
it was just mild flu and milder than seasonal.

4 days ago
@markscott7777777 You didn't see me say herd immunity for influenza. I was talking pertussis, small pox, polio.
Very nice you are still alive. Thousands did not survive H1N1. 12,000 died in the US, 90% were under 65 yrs old. It wasn't off. H1N1 left the elderly alone, possibly from earlier flu seasons. The young didn't have that immunity unless they were vaccinated.
You are dangerously, arrogantly ignorant.

4 days ago
12,000 died ! and 300,000,000 million survived !
is that above average or below average for the yearly flu.
me thinks that its probably well below average !
it was mild flu, very mild actually !
and never once during the whole debacle did anyone from the govt, MSM, health agencies, in any western country, say that it was an untrialed vaccine.
that sounds like compromising peoples informed consent as well as hyping an already scary situation to benefit big pharma.

4 days ago
@markscott7777777 300,000,000 million. That is a lot. 50,000 times the number of people on the planet. Shows that you don't think, you just spew what you believe and want to be true. You can't be bothered to spell Guillaine Barre Syndrome right and you expect anyone to respect anything you say? Look up Arrogance of Ignorance.

3 days ago 

after you have eaten my cockmeat sandwich !
look up petty dickhead ! 

2 days ago
@markscott7777777 LOL! I rest my case.

1 day ago
you rest your case, but you never touched my sandwich !
at least you thought it was funny.

Yeah, I thought you were funny.

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