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05 March, 2010

Toot toot my horn...

I’ve been given a 60 day layoff warning and in defense of my position, I wrote the following:

“Mr. Tom Hail is being impacted by Mr. X. While Mr. X is an extremely bright employee it would be impossible for him to assume the duties and responsibilities of Tom Hail with six month’s training. Mr. X’S experience is in software development and project management which is not the position Tom Hail manages. This position is as the YYY spacecraft Certified Principle Engineer (CPE) as well as technical lead for YYY sustainment and reports to manager for 16 engineers. The CPE role itself requires extensive YYY knowledge to be able to assess impacts caused by proposed changes and on-orbit activities. The technical lead role manages the work flow of over 20 engineers in support of YYY sustainment which encompasses calibrations, state of health assessment, performance reporting and 24/7/365 anomaly response/resolution. Tom’s unique skill is his knowledge of the launch operations history, anomaly resolution and on orbit operations of the YYY constellation. Tom has nearly 30 years of geosynchronous spacecraft operations experience building this extensive background and knowledge of the YYY spacecraft. As the constellation ages, his expertise has been called upon more frequently in the resolution of on-orbit issues. The result is that the constellation is still, after over 50 years of combined on-orbit time, 100% mission capable partly due to Tom’s efforts. The launch of the ZZZ spacecraft is going to require this expertise by Tom and his team for sustainment and operations. Success of this planning is crucial for maintenance of the high award fees this contract traditionally garners. With the loss of Tom, the YYY team runs a very real risk of responding incorrectly or unacceptably slowly to anticipated hardware anomalies. Additionally, new, unanticipated anomalies are very likely to take longer for root cause resolution and potentially extended satellite downtime. Mr. X, on the other hand, has no YYY or any other relevant experience in the build, test, launch, or operations of any kind of ---- satellite. He appears to be a highly experienced software development expert which is unsuited for this position.”

Frankly, I haven't begun to try to find another position in LM. If they they do replace me (not likely at this point), I am not interested in working there anymore.

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