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14 March, 2010

Another one...

Greetings fly44d,
"...the god theory doesn't make sense." What god theory do you refer to? There are innumerable concepts of "God", not all are equally implausible, however, are you amongst those that presupposes that Islam posits the existence of an anthropomorphic God (ex. an "invisible man up in the sky" or perhaps some large humanistic observer completely separate from the universe?). And you are right, before accepting any way of life, you MUST challenge it sincerely.


At least he is polite. My reply (I had to go direct to him because the moderator of that video won't allow my comments anymore):

The moderator doesn't like me anymore...

To me, any concept of any god having any control of anything in this universe is the god theory. A theory being an explanation for observed data. At my level, it could be an old caucasian with a white beard, a Palestinian with long dark hair, a wooish wooy woo energy wooism in the 12th dimension, or a small white mouse. Whatever you might think god is, I doubt very much that it exists in any way shape or form. And so far the only evidence presented is scripture and interpretation of it. Meaningless to me.



    Einstein puts the final nail in the coffin of atheism...



    atheists deny their own life element...

    add some comment moderation to your blog of blasphemy...idiot...

  2. Ha ha ha! You call ME an idiot? How does Einstein put a nail in atheism? You are a moron.

    Why would I moderate comment? That is what the religious do to stifle what they don't want to hear. Because their arguments are unsupportable. Like the crap you linked to.