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06 May, 2008

Expelled Comment

From what I have read about Expelled, it sounds like a despicable movie to me... more like propaganda than a documentary.
I won't give them my $10 but I will have to see it for myself when it comes out on DVD. If it does.

There is NO controversy about evolution. Period. It is fact. Sorry. There are people who cling to the hope that it isn't. It is a theory that has been proven time after time, tested time after time, predicts findings time after time. That makes it fact. What is studied is the many different ways evolution works. That is where scientists argue and question and debate. Science is not a place where you will find polite conversation when it comes to taking apart a hypothesis or paper. That is how the truth is teased out of nature, with severe questioning of any data, results, conclusions until all questions are answered. Finally it is accepted. "Stay out of the kitchen if you can't stand the heat" fits science precisely. More and more of those questions get answered every day. Evolution has withstood this process and evolved for 150 years. Some new (or old) theory has to put up as much defense and evidence as evolution has over the years.

"Darwinism" is not a good label for evolution because the theory has evolved over the 150 years since he published and implies religious belief. Darwin didn't know anything about DNA and microbes and such, he was just observing the most obvious. It isn't a religion. It is not believed in without evidence, testing, and prediction. The theory has changed over the years as the mechanisms have been discovered which religions tend not to do.

Intelligent design has not stood up to the tests thrown at it. It doesn't answer questions that evolution does, ignores data that evolution covers. That is why the science community so vigorously opposes any teaching of it as "science". It would be like teaching in an economics class that pyramid schemes are a valid way to finance a retirement plan. It doesn't work, it isnt' sustainable.

Assertions from Stein that evolution hasn't been proven or proven anything is just ignorance on his part...

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