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26 March, 2006

Los Angeles Immigration Rally Draws Thousands - New York Times

Los Angeles Immigration Rally Draws Thousands - New York Times

I cannot understand the fear of "amnesty" the right has. I cannot believe the House passed this stupidity. I hope the Senate can block it. With 5% unemployment, jobs is not the reason to keep people out... the illegals are not taking jobs away from us. Imagine the economic boom if all those hard working people could come out of the closet and really prosper. But no, the morons want to build a wall and deport everyone not here legally. It is our failed international economic policies that drove them here to begin with. The morons are afraid of amnesty, like it would cause disruption of society. Why not admit our failures, try to solve the problem instead of making it worse. I think we should forgive them being here illegally, provide amnesty as long as they all register and get a valid SSN. Contribute fully to the economy. Get driver's licenses, insurance, pay taxes fully, allow them to become citizens. That will benefit this country the most. No billions spent on a stupid, worthless wall. Bush's stupid guest worker plan is just as bad... we'll let you stay for a few years but then you have to go home... like that will work. If constraints like that are placed, no reform will work. But Bushie is just trying to find some middle worthless ground that he can appease some people with. Nothing he says anymore is worth listening to.

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