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11 March, 2006

KGO-AM 810 NewsTalk

KGO-AM 810 NewsTalk

Very coherent writing on what it means to be pro-Choice or "pro-Life". Worth the read.

"Americans need to realize that pro-life is really just pro-birth. The Republicans' concern for mother and child is severed with the cutting of the umbilical cord."

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  1. Tom,
    I just have to let you know that when I saw your blog "A place for Tom to rant" rolling by as I scooted out of my blog site for the night that I about died. I had to make sure you were not my own blog editor. His middle name is "rant". I was relieved to see it is not him, but you two need to check. You may be twins separated at birth.

    Good luck with your rants!