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14 June, 2016

Orlando Florida

Last weekend 49 people died and another 53 were wounded by a guy with a gun. This took place in a gay bar by guy who swore allegiance to ISIS in a phone call to 911. This guy had been on the FBI watchlist for terrorism. He had made a couple trips to Saudi Arabia on pilgrimage.
He was able buy two guns a couple weeks prior. 
The FBI wasn't told of the purchases. 
The purchases couldn't be blocked because he had ever been on the watchlist. 
You can't get on an airplane with a full bottle of shampoo but you can buy an AR-15 even if you are on the terrorist watchlist.
The 9/11 terrorists used airplanes as weapons and so access to airplanes is restricted.  
This attack against a Latino gay community is more about religious homophobia than Islamic terrorism. The religious right does not care about any of these people.
I want every gun registered. 
I want every gun owner trained, licensed and registered. 
I want every gun transaction recorded.
If that means the second amendment needs to be amended, so be it.


  1. I think you are absolutely right. When I became a US citizen and learned the history of the country I read about a “well-regulated militia.” Well regulated to me means that guns have to be registered for the “militia” I don’t think that at the time they wrote the 2nd amendment they had thought about assault weapons or rocket launchers to protect your home from thieves. If car drivers have to learn to drive, get a license and be registered I don’t see why gun owners don’t have to go through the same process. It is just greed though – all the millions of $ that is given to politicians from the NRA to influence their votes.

    1. I know, I can never get a straight, consistent answer what "well regulated" is supposed to mean. There seems to be something to do with comma placement...
      Sorry for the incoherent post... I was angry and tired. :-)