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11 October, 2015

Why Do I Dislike Ben Carson So Much?

I have to examine this to make sure I'm being reasonable. I don't need to consider why I dislike Trump, that is easy. The boorish bombastic loudmouth is easy to dislike for so many reasons. But calm, mild mannered Dr. Ben Carson?

I dislike him because he is either an ignorant fool or a liar.

On evolution, the spouted the trope that "mutations tend to lead to degeneration rather than improvement". As a medical doctor he should know that mutation can be benificial and natural selection can propagate that mutation. If not, he is ignorant, willfully. If so, he lied in the interview.

On guns, he thinks the Holocaust could have been prevented if the Germans hadn't demanded the guns Jews had. Or some such rot. "The Holocaust was a state-sanctioned outpouring of violence from the German public, so the idea that gun control stood in the way of Jewish survival “vastly overstates the effectiveness of a tiny minority resisting a genocidal machine,”"

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